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5 Pro Photography Tips to Make Your Food Photos Mouth-Watering on Instagram

Taking pictures of food and posting it online might be looking little cliché. But it cannot stop you to do it at certain point of time. Taking a quick look at Instagram can show you that there are around 178 million pictures with #food hashtag. When the technology has been improving in camera, poorly lit shots of food has really been considered as the thing of the past.  To commemorate the Sony World Photography Awards 2016, we went ahead to the photography master class to change it. It is led by Peter Dench, awards finalist and Hugh Johnson, food photographer, to work with the likes. We used palm-sized Sony a7R II lens in order to test out our tips. Here’s how to take quality pictures of food –

Wide Aperture

When it comes to shoot food, it is vital to set wide aperture of the camera. It is actually a hole in lens which grabs light. Light is very important, according to Hugh. It can add a great effect when light is seen in the food surface. It softens background of your shot and focus on the food can be stronger.

Keep it Simple

Many photographers make a common mistake by making things more complex, according to pros. You actually don’t need a lot of cutlery and lots of accessories. Some can make the shot more appealing without overdoing it with such things.

Speed is the Key

In food photography, there is nothing more important than making it looks appealing and you have to shoot it instantly to do that. You should take your pictures as soon as food comes to you. If you wait, fats congeal; leaves get wilt and overall freshness that can start vanishing.

Tuck Elbows In

Seems a bit obvious but tucking your elbows in when you hold your camera and taking a picture can add a lot stable base while capturing the image. This way, you are a lot less likely to shake and add distortion in your pictures.

Play with Your Goodies

Don’t hesitate to change the look and placement of your food. Put a fork along it to add something and show more textures with it. In essence, red meat looks nice if it is cut in half to show the pink interior.

If you are in luck and get into the photography mood, you can take your camera to your lunch and try your hand on it.